Samelan Info

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

What to expect

Exciting Activities for ALL Ages

There will be various sessions that will help participants learn, become inspired and relax! Activities include lectures, workshops, Question and Answers, games and many more These workshops will allow you to interact more closely with other delegates. Each day will start with Japji Sahib with the whole Samelan together and will end with your group to have a reflection of your day.

how to join

Open the given timetable for ਈ-Samelan 2020. We will be using the Zoom platform. You will not need to download the app or required need of a username or password. 

Do not share the links with anyone else as it could lead to uninvited
guests and a disruption to participants. All links have been shared with everyone who has registered.


what you need

Things you will need will include:

• Smart devices (Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Phones)
• Internet connection
• Notebook
• Pencil / Pens
• Lots of smiles!


Can i access this on my mobile phone?

Yes you can join Zoom from any device and you do not need to
download Zoom.
You do not need to wait in the waiting room.
You do not need a passcode.

What will happen when I arrive at on Zoom?

We will be starting with a ਈ-Samelan assembly with everyone where we will go through how the ਈ-Samelan  will run and make sure you know where you are going next. 

What will be happening during the week?

You will have a timetable that you follow according to your age. You will enter the Zoom rooms when your sessions start.
The links will be shared after registration is completed. 

What if you need to leave early?

Message the Jatha Coordinator privately in the workshop room at the time to let them know that you will need to leave.

What if I only have one device but several people with me looking to join a session?

Join the session most suited for your collective knowledge or contact us and we will guide you.