Samelan Date : 17th to 23rd December 2023.

Year 2023 signals 60 years of the establishment of Annual Gurmat Parchar Samelan. Since it’s inception in the Malaysia, SNSM Samelan has grown through the Pyaar of the Sangat and spread across the world to Singapore, Indonesia,  India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Thailand.

“After 2-years of non-physical E-Annual Gurmat Parchar Samelan, we are back. Taking all the necessary precautions and SOPs to stay safe, this year’s physical Samelan will be convened at KhalsaLand, KKB. As always, your support is crucial and needed to make this event, Our Samelan, successful. With your full participation, generous donations and contribution in cash and/or kind, let’s get back into our spirit of giving and Sewa. Let us collaborate towards the uplifting of Sikhi Jeevan and lifestyle among us and more so our future, The Youth.”

Paramjeet Singh
Jathedar SNSM

Explore The SAMELAN

It is wonderful combination of this band of selfless sewadars and participants that makes the samelan a land of beauty – a moment that always brings sweet and thrilling memories.


There will be various activities that will help you to learn, become inspired and relax!

Activities include classes, games, forums just to name a few! There will also be a range of workshops which have some wide-ranging themes. These workshops will allow you to interact more closely with other delegates!

Ghal Baat
Inspirational Sessions